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Sal Banday
Amy Ben-Arieh

Leona Bessonova
Meg Bracken

Carie Lyn Carnahan
Cathi  Collins -
School Committee member

Maura Crowther
Emily Diesl
Julie  Gordan
William “Bill”  Grome -
Finance Committee member
Charlotte Hannon
Henry H. Haugland -
School Committee member
Cody Jacobs

Katie Joyce*
Jeremy Kipling

El Martinez
Ivylee and Diego Martinez
Deana and Laura Massey*
Marty McCrory
Donna  McKenzie -
School Committee member
Eric Nguyen - Equity Task Force member

Marilyn Park - Equity Task Force member

Melissa  Patrick
Kristen Pope

Richard Pope - Finance Committee member

R.I.S.E. Natick

Izzy Rosati

Dhruba Sen

Connor Shea

Maggie Sky
Amy Smith
Marisa Timmins Rowe*
Claudia  Trevor-Wright*
Adam Van Arsdale
Lindsey Vizvary Galvao

Karen & Scott Van Voorhis
Karen Ward*

*Member of  Committee to Elect Guimel Reche DeCarvalho

" From speaking with Guimel, she has the vision of a more inclusive and equitable Natick backed by creative and innovative ideas."

- Connor Shea

Guimel is endorsed by:

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"I am supporting Guimel for SB because she will bring an array of unique perspectives to the board. Her professional and life experience will contribute to the development of meaningful insights concerning the challenges that we face. I am confident that she will be a strong advocate for effective solutions."

- Henry Haugland

"As a Town Meeting Member I depend on the arduous efforts of Finance Committee members like Ms. DeCarvalho. Her demonstrated ability to view complex issues comprehensively will be a great asset to the Select Board. I also believe she has a lifelong purpose to be a positive agent for change that would greatly benefit the Town of Natick at this time."

- Jeremy Kipling

"I’m excited to support Guimel DeCarvalho in her candidacy for Select Board! Guimel is a co-founder and co-coordinator of Natick is United and has served on the Finance Committee since 2019. I have found her committed and thoughtful in both roles. As a member of FinCom it was clear that she understood her role, always did her homework, and asked probing questions. I believe that Guimel’s focus on equity will be an important voice on the Select Board. I hope you will join me in supporting Guimel De Carvalho for Select Board!"

- Cathi Collins

"As a member of the Finance Committee, Guimel always displayed a sensible approach to all matters before the committee. Thoughtful, in depth questions and insightful comments gained her the respect of committee members. I enthusiastically support her candidacy, she is the person who is needed on the Select Board."

- William Grome

"We are at a critical juncture in which we must make a commitment to bringing an equity and justice lens to our work in Natick. Guimel will bring that lens to the Select Board, and a vote for her is a vote for thoughtful and intentional leadership, a champion for diverse voices and perspectives, and a commitment to making our town safe and inclusive for all of our residents."

- Eric Nguyen

"  Guimel DeCarvalho is a change-maker activist who fights for equity and fairness."

- Maggie Sky

"Guimel DeCarvalho is exactly the person we need on the select board and I encouraged her to run for this reason. Her equity and inclusion lens is constitutive of who she is and is evidenced in her longstanding professional and community experience including her work as a cofounder of Natick is United and as a member of the Finance Committee. She is highly skilled in Human Resources in her work as Vice President at Wayside Family Youth Services and this is critical to the management responsibilities of the select board. She is trained as a social worker which adds many skills including an informed empathy for residents who may suffer from economic and/ or personal hardship. She is a strong supporter of our schools and all of our town services. She knows how essential they are to our well being and flourishing. Natick can be better and Guimel will lead the way. She has my vote in March 30th and I hope she will have yours too."

- Donna McKenzie

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