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Envisioning a strong Natick with an equity focus



Guimel DeCarvalho

Guimel DeCarvalho for

Natick Select Board

Why is Guimel running?

Hi! My name is Guimel DeCarvalho and I’m running for Natick Select Board. I moved my family to Natick six years ago and I have been serving the people of Natick through my work on the Finance Committee, as a founding member of Natick Is United, and recently as an appointed member to the Natick Equity Task Force. With your vote for me for Select Board we can envision a strong Natick with an equity focus. A Natick that is a great place to live for all of us. For families, for older adults who have given so much to this community, to newcomers who chose this town and want to help sustain its vibrancy. Through strong schools, a strong budget, strong infrastructure, economic development, and affordable housing we can apply an equity focus to all of our town’s strategic decision making. 

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